Kaz Energy Audit provides energy savings, energy monitoring, energy efficiency and energy audits to public and private sector organisations in Kazakhstan. What makes Kaz Energy Audit different is that we not only provide advise to reduce costs of fuel and energy resources, but also provide the solutions to deliver our advises and develop individual complex energy efficiency solutions as well as the aftercare service.

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My name is Yernar Dukenbayev and I am the founder of Kaz Energy Audit. I am proud to welcome you to our website and would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about my company. Kaz Energy Audit has successfully been operating in the Energy Audit field in Kazakhstan for over a year. We provide energy monitoring and energy audits to industrial and commercial sectors.

I strongly believe that it is necessary to introduce green renewable energy technologies in all sectors, starting from large industrial enterprises to business centres, of our country. The future is behind the “green” solutions and “green” economy, which is why my business is directly related to energy conservation.

The development of energy-saving technologies in Kazakhstan is currently at the same level as it was in the early eighties of 20th century in Europe. This gives us an advantage to learn from the West: avoid their mistakes and implement the use of advanced technologies to introduce a modern, high-tech approach to energy conservation in our country.

The importance of energy savings for the business has a strong correlation with cutting costs in the long term. Besides, with energy-saving technologies comes the social responsibility of the business adding it to the chain of “energy-economy-environment”!

Renewable energy, environmentally friendly attitude to energy consumption, high environmental consciousness – are all the bases of a green economy! In the foreseeable future, the economy of our country is bound to become “green” and Kaz Energy Audit is making every effort to make it come true!

Kaz Energy Audit. Energy Conservation: No to Deprivation!

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an inspection and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in buildings conducted by licensed organisations. It is a procedure that helps you find out how energy is used in the building, what are the measures for energy savings, and how you can reduce energy consumption of the building, where an energy audit was conducted.

Why do you need an energy audit? Firstly, it gives you an overview of the technical condition and energy losses of a building. Secondly, during the energy audit the renovation of the building can be identified and prioritised, and the payback period can be calculated. Therefore, it can be said that an energy audit can be viewed as part of the examination of the building, which aims to clarify its technical condition and energy efficiency

Energy conservation

Increasing energy efficiency is one of the most effective ways to reduce the human impact on nature. Modern energy consumption is primarily based on the use of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal), which has a strong impact on the environment. Not only the combustion of energy resources to produce heat and electricity, but also the production, processing and transportation of them has detrimental impact on the ecological balance of the planet. Also, the “fossil” energy is responsible for the problem of climate change, which is associated with increased greenhouse gas concentrations.

Increasing energy efficiency is currently one of the most important issues for every country in the world.

Energy conservation is becoming the priority in any company operating in the field of production or service. The reason for this is not only in environmental requirements, but also in pragmatic economic factors.

Energy audit in Kazakhstan

Over the past two years, large-scale changes in the legislative framework in Kazakhstan in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency took place.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan singed the Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan N541-IV “On Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency” in January 2013. This Act replaced the previous “Energy savings Act 1997”. The current legislation introduces a number of new concepts, such as:

State Energy Register (SET) – a systematic set of information about the subjects of the State energy register;

Subjects of the SET – enterprises and legal entities that consumer energy resources in the amount equivalent to 1500 and more tones of fuel per year as well as government institutions and quasi-public sector entitie

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